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For many more years, our Kosher certification has brought peace of mind to the Kosher-food consumers and has also helped many food manufacturers to gain a valuable and a competitive edge all across the globe. Our company’s sterling reputation and commitment to the highest quality of providing customer service and uncompromising integrity has given us the symbol and the power to enhance the marketability of your products, boosting your food products worldwide market share much higher than you ever could think of.

During these unprecedented and challenging times in world, there have been many responses as well as reactions towards the scenario. Some companies choose to focus on modifying their existing portfolio while the others focus on broadcasting the general information and help more in assistance. Here at Kosher East, we have many different areas that call out to be addressed,and we are giving our 200% to respond to each and every one of them in detail.


We are here, fully engaged in our ongoing role of providing Kosher supervision services to our clients. Any of our client firms can be super confident that we are always available to quickly and effectively assist them in resolving any complications that arise in the process, whether as a result of the current pandemic, or something simply arising from a regular work environment in which the work is executed. We all very well recognize that unprecedented times call for unprecedented flexibility and so, our dedicated and professional staff at Kosher East is here to address all your concerns before they even become problems.

Our website inquiries and walk in phone contacts are a significant part of our everyday life. One of the greatest benefits of our website, and of being an agency with a notable name, is that we are honored by having a steady stream of the public contact. Consumers and companies contact us for asking general questions, some seeking specific answers while others, merely looking for advice on issues in the Kosher certification arena. We just want to let you know that we are available for you and for every one of them for any Kosher Supervision Services that you are looking for. 

The world around us may indeed continue to throw some unexpected and unforeseen situation at us, but we will thrive and continue to shoulder our public trust and be here for you no matter what. Trust our supervision services as we believe in creating a long term bond and won’t be deceiving you even in the slightest of the work.


Kosher East is considered to be one of the foremost Kosher certification agencies in India when it comes to any Kosher related services. Only those products and services meeting the strictest standards of the Kosher law are permitted to display the Kosher certified symbol on the packaging of food products, which is protected under the Federal law against unauthorized use. Our Kosher supervision services are carried out by a staff of Kosher food production specialists, each of them is an expert in various aspects of the food industry having years of experience and knowledge.

In addition to the automated inspection “tracking,” we have compiled an extensive and comprehensive database of all the ingredients as well as the ingredient suppliers, accessible to all the companies under our supervision. This technology has just placed us at the leading edge of the contemporary Kosher supervision, raising industry standards to a new level. When you take help of us for Kosher supervision services, you can be fully assured that everything will happen appropriately and strictly without any mistake. We would love to have a conversation with you and know your requirements or queries so feel free to get in touch with our team anytime.